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Modern curtains have special features that help them stay as new for a long time: stain-resistant and fade-resistant fabrics, machine washable curtains and iron-free curtains. Choose carefully after you have explored a variety of curtain offers and try to match all the components to your needs: fabric, colour, patterns, special features and curtain accessories.

While you are working on the interview of your home and office,one of the most important things that you should consider the curtains.curtains can really bring your home to lift and office to brand..here we invite you to house of curtains and furniture.its a wonderfuk collection of curtains as well as furniture.its a wonderful collection of curtains as wellas furniture will mermerize you!sure


We have come a long way since the days of covering windows with pieces of cloth to prevent dust and heat from coming in. Nowadays, modern fabrics allow more than just personalized styles; they also protect the interiors from heat loss during the winter and help the room stay cooler during summer.

We are providing following services to enchance your house as well as office.

Curtain Design

When it comes to choosing the right curtains for your space, there are so many options of fabrics, finishes, colours and curtain rods, it can quite overwhelming!

Curtains aren't often cheap either so its good to get the right ones for your room to begin with as they may be quite costly to replace if they don't function well.

Curtain Types

  • Fabric Curtains

The House of Curtain range of designer fabrics today includes printed designs on cotton, linen and silk, together with jacquard and dobby weaves, embroideries, sheers and a wide range of plains suitable for curtains, upholstery and soft furnishings.

  • Vertical Curtains

Ready made vertical blinds, easy to install and safe to use

  • Roman Curtains

You'll find roman shades, roman shade, window roman shades, window roman shade, and fabric roman shades here.

  • Rolling Curtain

Roll Up Curtains save you floor space by rolling the curtain up and out of the way when not in use!

  • Zebra blinds

The premium zebra is a smart design that gives you style and light control within the one system.

  • Wooden blinds

Smart, contemporary colours and the natural texture of wood, this collection of Wood Impressions blinds is stylish and elegant and suitable for any room